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All about DAD

Self care is a concept that is most commonly associated with women, and specifically, Mothers. While it’s true that Mama needs some time to herself, we can’t forget about the other half of parents out there - our Dads! The father figure is one of the most influential in a child’s life, so this Father’s Day, we want to make sure we show all the Dad’s some love.

A child’s relationship with their Dad is different from that of their Mom, as it should be. Not to say that a Mom can’t be the protector (they are) or that a Dad can’t be nurturing (they are!) but there is one, very scientific piece of chemistry that makes a Dad different from Mom - and that is their testosterone.

Testosterone is crucial to a male's make up and begins to become obvious as a young man starts puberty. We see it physically through the development of body hair and their deepening voices, muscle growth and red blood cell production. Testosterone also plays a major role in mood, energy levels and analytical reasoning. When a man’s testosterone levels are good, males report being in a better mood, having more motivation and clearer thinking. It has also been linked to better cholesterol levels and blood vessel function.

It truly is amazing what hormones can do for our bodies! Which is why it’s so important to make sure your hormones are balanced. When your nervous system is off balance, your hormones are off balance and your body may not produce the necessary hormones for optimal function. How can you be proactive in hormone balance? Visit your chiropractor regularly! A chiropractor will adjust a misaligned spine to keep the glands that control your body on track. Keep dad happy, healthy and in balance so that he can continue to show up as his best self for the whole family!

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