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"Because of doctor Liz I am more active now than I have been in years!!! Doctor Liz gave me my quality of life back!"

"Dr. Liz is the best! I was getting the run around from other practices before I decided to schedule an appointment with her. She not only took care of my lower back symptoms including sharp pain, sciatica, and muscle tightness but she takes the time each visit to show me new methods, stretches and exercises for preventative measures and they always help maintain our progress. I have been seeing her regularly since the first of the year and will continue. I took about a month off for a vacation in Europe and had some very mild symptoms return due to traveling and long periods of sitting on airplanes--went right back in and am back to feeling great. Always a great experience!"

"Dr Liz is a miracle worker. She is not just your run of the mill chiropractor, she also does a ton of muscle work. She does not want to just crack you up and send you on your way, she wants to show you exercises and teach you how to make your body function properly (now if i would only listen!) She is truly amazing. I don't know why you are still reading this... get there now!!!"

"I've seen Dr. Liz for over a year. I initially went to see her due to my runner's knee. From the first appointment she explained how the pain in my knee affected other parts of my body. From that initial session we started to work on various parts of my body, my feet, IT band, lower back, neck arm. I felt immediate relief from all the various pressure points after seeing Dr. Liz. Her holistic technique to her practice made things more approachable for me.

I highly recommend Dr. Liz to anyone who is struggling with pain. Specifically to anyone who is intimidated by "regular" chiropractors who are ready to crack you into place and or offer quick fixes."

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