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  • Why are you not accepting insurance?
    At Pacific Wellness we strive to provide the highest quality of care possible to ensure you achieve your goals. We believe this level of care requires individual hands-on attention by your chiropractor from the moment you walk in the door. Our approach is refreshingly different than other chiropractic offices. We incorporate muscle release, stretching, traction, corrective exercises and lifestyle modifications along with the chiropractic adjustment. Over the past 2 decades, insurance companies have reduced payment to chiropractors significantly, while increasing the burden of paperwork and time required to receive payment. For this reason, many doctors have chosen to reduce the cost of doing business by reducing your time with a qualified chiropractor to 10 minutes or less and you probably won't walk out the door with any suggestions on how to continue your care at home. This is not how we operate at Pacific Wellness, and you will feel the difference! We spend a full 30 minutes with you for your followup visit in order to provide with a focused treatment and education. Because of our commitment to quality individualized care, we have chosen to work directly with and for you, rather than for your insurance company.
  • How does my insurance reimburse me with a Superbill?
    If you have chiropractic coverage you may be able to receive a reimbursement from them for services provided in our office. Although we are not billing out to insurance, Pacific Wellness is still in-network with most major health insurance companies. You as the patient may be eleigible to receive payment from the insurance that would have been paid to your chiropractor. How does this work? 1. We provide you with a SuperBill (a detailed itemized receipt specific for insurance) 2. On your insurance portal look for an option to submit a Super Bill. (it may say receipt or bill instead). 3. Patiently wait 4. If accepted, the insurance will pay you what they would have paid the doctor for that visit. ***You can submit multiple bills at one time. Most patients elect to submit after a few months of care. Feel free to ask your doctor.
  • I have been a patient using insurance in the past, will you still bill insurance for me?
    Yes, until 12/31/2022. Patients that received care at any time prior to January 2022 will have no changes for billing. We will still accept your insurance, collect copayments and bill out to the insurance on your behalf. Starting January 1, 2023 all patients will be responsible for payment as insurance will no longer be billed directly. Please read more about our superbill option - how you can get reimbursed through insurance directly.
  • Is Chiropractic Safe While I am Pregnant
    Yes it is! Chiropractic in general is very safe and effective at all stages of life (with modifications). All of our doctors at Pacific Wellness Chiropractic have done extensive specialized training to care for pregnant mamas. Dr. Liz Farrell is Webster Certified, which is a certification specific for the treatment of pregnant women as well as currently taking courses towards her CACCP (Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics). With advanced education in perinatal care, we understand pregnancy and the special needs that come with this exciting time of life. We use special tables and specifically designed pregnancy pillows to ensure mama is both safe and comfortable during adjustments.
  • I am a veteran. Do you accept my insurance?
    We are in-network with the Veteran's Affair program (TriWest insurance) as a community care provider. We will proudly continue to serve you and bill directly to your TriWest insurance. We will continue to accept and bill directly to the VA. A referral is required for this coverage. You can ask your primary doctor if you are eligible for chiropractic care through the community care program. You can provide them with our office information for a direct referral. We will receive the referral and take the billing process from there. Typically you can receive 12 chiropractic visits annually at 100% coverage :)
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Dr. Erin is out-of-network with all health insurance except TriWest (she is able to bill out to veteran affair). Dr. Liz is currently becoming out-of-network with all health insurance except TriWest (she is able to bill out to veteran affair). This will take effect Feb 15th for Anthem BCBS, ASH, Aetna, Healthnet and March 5th for United, Optum, Blue Shield. Out-of-network coverage implies that you are responsible for payment at the time of care and a superbill will be provided to you to submit to your personal insurance, where they may reimburse you depending on your coverage.
  • How can I schedule an appointment?
  • How much can I expect to pay for chiropractic?
    You can expect to pay $50 to $175 for your visit. Your initial evaluation is $175 and followup visits are $50 - $110.
  • What is a superbill?
    A detailed receipt that includes the billing codes needed for insurance to process your claim request. You will be emailed a superbill at each office visit.
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