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Is it safe to get adjusted when pregnant?

Why, yes it is! Not only is it safe, IT’S EFFECTIVE TOO!

Here is the who, what, how, why, and when of prenatal chiropractic care.

WHO do I see? It is recommended to see a chiropractor that is certified by ICPA in Webster Technique. These chiropractors (such as myself) have taken advanced training and extra time to focus on pregnancy and learn the best solutions for you and your precious little one.

WHAT kinds of problems can a prenatal chiropractor can help with? You may be experiencing low back pain, pelvic pain, round ligament pain, low energy, irritability, posture changes, nausea, headaches, leg pain, wrist pain, upper back pain, etc. etc. All these issues I have mentioned so far can be addressed by your chiropractor. The awesome part about chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it is a natural solution to many of these problems that may be common but are not a requirement of pregnancy.

WHEN should I see a prenatal chiropractor? When your body is in pain that is your body’s way of setting off an alarm system and saying there is something going on. Don’t brush off this pain as “normal pregnancy aches and pains.” If you are not able to find a solution yourself, seek out a professional that can help you manage this pain. The sooner we can balance your body during pregnancy, the more likely you are to have a more comfortable pregnancy and easier labor. It is beneficial to start a prenatal program in the first trimester, all the way up until delivery. I have treated mom's days and hours before going into labor. In the first tri we are creating a great base line (foundation) for the body to build upon. This way we are not having to make drastic changes when you are further along in your pregnancy (when there are already big dramatic changes taking place). Mom's that have chiropractic care throughout the entire pregnancy often times have less aches and pains towards the end.

HOW do you get adjusted you might ask? This treatment will not look or feel like a "typical" adjustment you may have experienced before or seen. We start with modifications early in the pregnancy. Some of those modifications include less forceful adjustments, no twisting and a different focus on specific muscles and tendons. Also, the biggest change is your position. Guess what momma - you get to lie down (SAFELY) on your stomach. We have specially design pillows to give a cushy cocoon like place for the baby. Our table also has the ability to create space for the belly to go when you are face down. It's not uncommon to hear mommas dreaming about coming into the office, just to lay down on their stomach :)

WHY should you seek chiropractic care during pregnancy? The benefits go well beyond just pain relief. When we balance and calm your stressed out, burnt out, tension filled system, this is setting your baby up for a more balanced nervous system and starting off on the path towards growth and wellness. Chiropractic care during pregnancy provides a more balanced, relaxed pelvis which gives baby optimal room to grow and develop as needed, which sets us up for more optimal positioning of baby for labor. A lot of mamas report less anxiety, improved mood, and overall, a more relaxed pregnancy after starting chiropractic care! Freaking cool, right!?

So, the answer is YES. You can get adjusted while pregnant. And, so many women have found amazing help with this care. Often times your chiro is not only helping you manage those physical aches and pains but they are an excellent coach and resource for supplements, at home tools/pillows/belts/socks, baby wearing, safe exercises, doula recommendations, birth prep course... and the list goes on. Bonus, the Webster Certification is an industry standard that OBGYN and midwives will use when helping you find a prenatal chiropractor.

Cheers to your health! -Dr. Liz

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