Dr. Liz is a 2006 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College West, San Jose California and offers over 12 years experience as a practicing Board Certified Chiropractor. Dr. Farrell’s overall experience began at age 5 when she first began receiving holistic chiropractic treatment from her now mentor. By the age of 12 Dr. Farrell decided her career path and by age 15 was employed as a Chiropractic Assistant, further exposing her to and strengthening her desire to assist people in improving their well being. As a student in chiropractic college, Dr. Farrell further broadened her experience by participating in the Clinic Abroad Program and by providing voluntary chiropractic care to the communities and orphanages of Brazil.

Dr. Farrell’s treatment philosophy is to identify faulty alignment and associated dysfunctional movement patterns, allowing an assessment of the complete picture. Through this process, the best treatment plan is determined to assist the patient in meeting his/her goals. She will then use manual, hands-on chiropractic treatment to assist in the correction of the alignment of the affected area to improve the patients’ condition or improve their pain.

  • D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)- Palmer West College of Chiropractic   

2006 graduating class at Palmer Chiropractic College located in San Jose California. 

  • California Chiropractic Board Certified (2013 - Current)

  • Nevada Chiropractic Board Certified (2007 - 2012)

Owner of a private chiropractic practice in Reno, Nevada and board-certified practicing chiropractor from February 2007 through December 2012. 

  • CCA member (California Chiropractic Association)

  • ACSM member (Association of Chiropractic Sports Medicine)

  • Faculty Doctor for Palmer West Chiropractic College, Preceptor Program

  • Certified FMT - Rocktape Functional Movement Taping

Dr. Liz has extended her passion to provide high-quality chiropractic care to those who may not be able to afford such services by creating a non-profit. Aspire Wellness, INC was established in 2018 to grant an opportunity for affordable high-quality chiropractic care and online education. If you are searching for high-quality chiropractic care you may qualify as a charitable patient. To learn more about Aspire Wellness and the educational offerings please visit aspirewellness.org



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EMAIL: info@drlizchiro.com

Parking is available in the parking lot on site. Please note that we are on the second floor and there is stairway access only to the office


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