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Dr. Liz performing a lower back chiropractic adjustment

Pacific Wellness Chiropractic

Posture Specialist,sports injuries,
prenatal & 

family chiropractic care


What sets us apart is the way we care for you. We genuinely care about getting you back to doing the things you love, We take pride in sharing our knowledge with you and teaching you the "why" you may be hurting and the "how" to help you. 

Our valued approach to chiropractic care is personalized specifically to your needs. Each session will include muscle release, a chiropractic adjustment, and rehabilitative exercises to make lasting changes. We see the value in YOU and our care is geared towards that. 

A little note about insurance coverage....

**We are out-of-network with all major health insurance companies in order to provide you with a higher quality of care that you deserve.  We will provide you with a superbill for you to submit to insurance. 

If you have questions about insurance coverage - you may find the answers here.

We are in-network with TriWest for care for our Veterans. A referral is required from your primary care for covered chiropractic services through the VA.

In appreciation to our patients commitment to their health, we offer a variety of discounted bundle visit packages.  This is the perfect opportunity to use your FSA or HSA! 

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