Dr. Liz is accepting new patients on a self-pay basis only. New patients wanting to use insurance may schedule with Dr. Karley

We accept the following PPO/HMO insurance plans:


Blue Shield of California

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

United Healthcare

Kaiser Choose Healthy Program

Optum Healthcare

American Specialty Health


TriWest (a referral is required from VA primary)



Out-of-Network with CIGNA. Please check with your insurance benefits, if your plan covers out-of-network chiropractic care.


Non-participating provider with Medicare, TriNet, Medicaid or MediCal. 


HMO Insurance including Kaiser HMO, American Specialty Health, Optum, and HMO plans for Aetna, Sharp, Healthnet, United Healthcare and Anthem cover only the manipulation. Our treatment programs include soft tissue mobilization and corrective exercise programming. Therefore, ASH, Optum, and other HMO plans will be charged $25 in addition to their copay.


Self Pay pricing
$150 initial visit and $80 follow-up visits. 

Pre-Paid Packages available:

4 follow-up visits $300 ($75 each)

6 follow-up visits $420 ($70 each)

8 follow-up visits $520 ($65 each)

10 follow-up visits $600 ($60 each)


Kaiser pricing

Kaiser offers a Choose Healthy program which is a 25% discounted self-pay rate for all Kaiser members to see providers outside of the Kaiser hospital. The Choose Healthy rate is $112 for the initial visit and $60 for the 30-minute follow-up visits. 


Auto accident Medpay insurance is accepted. Check with your claim adjuster if your plan has Medpay and we will bill directly to the carrier. Attorney liens are not accepted at our office currently.


Missed Appointment Fees

We request 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. A $50 missed appointment fee will be charged accordingly. 


Formthotic Custom Orthotic fitting is $150 (includes one pair of the orthotic inserts and fitting)

As a courtesy, we will check your insurance eligibility. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand your insurance plans coverage. Checking eligibility is not a guarantee of coverage. The final determination of coverage is made when the insurance processes the claim. 

Questions about your insurance coverage?

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